Hi guys,
I have just launched my new service - Free Subdomain Redirection.

Do you own a long and hard to remember URL? With our FREE Subdomain Redirection service, you can have a short & cool name for FREE! You can then distribute this address to your friends without writing down for them!

Our domain choices:
1. yourname.rx9.us
2. yourname.do5.us
3. more coming soon!

Registering our Subdomain Redirection service is absolutely FREE and there is NO pop-up windows.

Short Names
Before: http://webhost.com/members/~yourname
After: http://yourname.xxx.xxx/

Easy To Remember
Unlike any other provider, here at TheSubDomain.com, we register only names which are easy to remember and short.

Stable & Fast
We host our system at one of the famous datacenter, Everyone's Internet, which has high quality international backbone that ensures our system is always on and running.

No pop-up ad
We understand how annoying it is to have pop-up advertisement windows when browsing into a redirected site. Therefore, we NEVER use pop-up AD in our subdomains.

We will never send/sell our members' information. Therefore, you will not receive any mails from our sponsers/advertisers.

We at TheSubDomain.com are flexible at any suggestions. Should you have any queries or suggestion, please drop us a message at the Contact Us section. We will appreciate your help if you can suggest us good domain names for our subdomain service.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your name now at http://thesubdomain.com/ !