I've had a HORRIBLE acquaintance with Prontohost. I achievement this is the appropriate abode to put this, so it will hopefully additional others from getting "taken" by this company.
I accept alone had account with them for 3 days, (which I've cancelled) and in the that time, I've had annihilation but hassles, and rudeness.
I had a reseller acct. with WHM, which wasn't activity correctly, because I couldn't admission any accounts I setup. When I contacted them about this, they put the accusation aback on me, and told me to change the password. (Which DIDN'T work, fyi)
At about the aforementioned time, I had to put in a 2nd admission to acquisition out if Zen Optimizer was installed, as I charge it for a Software I wish to install. I was told:
"This is not a top antecedence affair and was delayed in our abutment system.
Please do not corruption the antecedence system. To verify zend optimizer is installed amuse analysis with a PHP advice script.
ExCUSE ME? It's corruption to ask a question??
I was, and AM bent about this affectionate of treatment, and they never agitated to fix my antecedent problem, AND, debris to accord my money back.
These humans are CROOKS! Stay abroad from them for your acumen and productivity!