What's New with iPanel v3.6.20:

Domain transfer renewals are scheduled from "now" if the domain expiration date cannot be determined
Fixed leftover password length limits in admin and client areas
Removed warning when no TLDs are selected in OpenSRS module
Memory limit in import script is no longer imposed if default memory limit is greater
Users can now login using E-mail address instead of username
Fixed (hopefully permanently) the duplicate "Domain registration only" package bug
Fixed bug in which domain name wasn't specified in some manual registrar E-mails
Fixed bug in which some admin overview links listed incorrect account statuses
Added 'Completed' package status for one-time services that should not be left "active"
PHP's error reporting setting is now forced to the PHP default
Fixed issue in validation of required custom fields
Fixed potential OpenSRS nameserver warning message
Added more verbose logging to Manual CC gateway
Improved outstanding balance calculation in client area
CSS tab support
Fixed deferrence date calculation issue when manual CC payments are declined
Fixed account register invoice processing issue with pre-activated packages
Added file expiration support
Fixed typo in account-not-active message upon login.
Added support for allowing clients to cancel their own packages
Cancellation of active/suspended packages now results in cancellation of any non-due invoices for that package
Cancellation of pending-payment packages now results in cancellation of any invoices for that package
Fixed bug in which batch account operation might display 'undefined' as account name
Added MaxMind GeoIP to version control
Improved speed of account list retrieval in CPanel module
recurrence cron job now increases memory limit prior to execution
authorize.net phone number requirement changes
Added internal fraud report support
increased password length limit on staff passwords
clients can now cancel their own packages (if enabled)
blank domains are no longer returned in the free accounts api script
applied-by value on payment page is no longer shown except to admins
currency format settings are now applied in account register
Further update to fraud report support
Fixed issue with duplicate E-mail address checking
Fixed issue with E-mail banning
added PayPal IPN back-up verification
Added debug mode option
rejected email is sent when account is cancelled from pending status:
updated tld list

iPanel v3.6.6
Added apache 2.0 support with forced ads
Added Ghanaian Cedi currency support
Added option to toggle domain support on per package basis
Added easy to use menu editor
Added Worldpay payment gateway
Added package type selection dropdown on order form
Added color coded ticket levels
Added recent login, and failure attempts
Added PayPal payments from outside of iPanel will now be applied to accounts based on E-mail address when not on a subscription from iPanel
Added bank transfer payment method
Added option to cc invoices to admin
Added obfuscation to backend servers and payment gateway passwords
Added external helpdesk usage
Added IPB post4hosting forum integration
Added EWay payment gateway
Fixed flash demo viewer size
Fixed potential bug in HTML invoice emails
Added Plesk server module and forced ads support (experimental)
Fixed ticket submission bug in helpdesk interface
Added inventory control (limited quantity) for packages
Modified null payment gateway so that it can actually be used by admins to test their iPanel installations.
Corrected issue in which SSL connections could not be used with DirectAdmin
Added support for reassigning account-packages to other billing accounts

[ About the iPanel v3.6.20]

Overview :
Account Creation Automation for Free Web Hosting Companies Now with Forced Ads.

iPanel can create both free accounts or normal accounts (with billing) instantly and automatically.

iPanel is currently in use by many free web host providers (allow users to create websites on their servers in exchange for advertising space on the users pages).

iPanel's current forced ads feature will allow you to place your ad code on to your free hosting clients sites with ease. No placing code into there sites manually as ipanel will do this automatically with a upgrade to paid account feature in the client side of ipanel.

Admin Details :
- Admin control panel
- Manually add accounts
- View/edit client accounts
- Multiple ip sign up restriction
- Free account email verify
- Set new free account to admin or auto approve
- Set free sign ups to subdomains only
- Internal support ticket system
- Mass email users from control panel
- Add Multiple servers with account type separation per server
- Network status
- Sign up Report
- Suspend/unsuspend, and delete accounts in WHM from ipanel
- TOS editor
- Email template editor
- Forced ads editor
- Forced ads into free sites
- 2CheckOut.com integration
- Paypal ipn integration
- Supports subdomain account creation
- Earnings report
- User ip logging
- RVSkin compatible
- Free hosting directory of clients
- Email block
- Single and range ip block
- Account creation limiter
- Invisable package option
- Admin notification if port fails 2 times
- Domain import tool
- Inactivity scanner
- News area
- Search feature
- Multiple admin logins
- Turn forced ads on per account
- Coupon system*
- Multiple currency support*
- Multiple tax support*
- Multiple admin accounts with several permission choices*
- shipping and setup fee support*
- Post4Hosting module*
- Remote forced ads, and illegal file scanner*
- Manually add/view/create client invoices *
- Create Reseller accounts with root access to server*
- Illegal file scanner, and phishing site scanner*
- Offline credit card processing*
- Authorize.net payment processing*
- Auto suspend failed payment accounts*
- Create custom welcome emails per packages*
- Package group support*
- FraudSign.com fraud prevention integration*
- Forced SSL support
- Custom referals with reporting
- Custom order form fields
- EWay payment gateway

Client Control Panel :
- Upgrade to paid account to remove forced ads
- View network status
- Submit/view support ticket
- Cpanel login link
- View/edit account details
- Change password
- Paypal donation link in users control panel for free accounts
- View post count*
- View and make payment of due invoices*
- Update credit card information*

Incorporate your pre-iPanel hosting accounts easily into the iPanel system with our new domain import tool.

iPanel includes a complex error checking routine to ensure successful account creation.

- Fully customizable order pages.

- Easy to install and use!

Admin Login http://www.celebrium.biz/ipanelv3/admin
User: admin
Pass: demo1

Order Form www.celebrium.biz/ipanelv3/order
This is a working demo and all created accounts will be purged. Some functions have been disabled

Helpdesk www.celebrium.biz/ipanelv3/helpdesk/

Requirements :
Cpanel / WHM , DirectAdmin, or Plesk
Apache Web Server 1.3.33 or 2.0
PHP 4.3.x or PHP 5.x
MySQL 4.x or 5.x
Ioncube loader (included in the script)
Root access for forced ads feature, and illegal file scanner
OpenSSL Enabled

Please allow up to 24 hours for license approval due to fraud checking