We are currently running an unbeliavable special on a gigabit setup from our Chicago datacenter. This is for new orders only. The offer is for a limited time only so get your gigabit server today!

AMD Sempron 2400
2GB Ram
2 x 200GB Hard drives
Choice of OS and Control Panel
1gigabit port /w 50mbit avg - $249/mo
1gigabit port /w 100mbit avg - $419/mo
1gigabit port /w 200mbit avg - $669/mo
Order Now

Additionally, we have just one of the following available out of the Atlanta datacenter:

Single Quad Core 5310 Harpertown
250GB HD
2000GB Transfer on 100mbit port
Windows 2k8 available
$199/mo with no setup fees
Please contact us if you are interested in this server.

If you have any questions, please contact our friendly Sales department via your myAYK account or by email at sales AT ayksolutions.com.