Crucial Paradigm is offering 25% OFF our range of Shared and Reseller hosting plans.

These discounts are for any new accounts. We will move your account free of charge, and transfer your domain free of charge as well!

Here they are!

Coupon: '25OFF'

Our Personal hosting plans are listed below:

Paradigm AU1k
1,000MB Space
$14.95AUD/month, NOW ONLY $11.21!

Paradigm AU2k
2,000MB Space
6GB Transfer
$19.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $14.96!

Paradigm AU3k
10GB Transfer
$24.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $19.95!

Our Business hosting plans are listed below:

Crucial 1k
1,000MB Space
$29.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $22.46!

Crucial 2k
3,000MB Space
10GB Transfer
$59.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $44.96!

Crucial 3k
20GB Transfer
$79.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $59.96!

Our Reseller hosting plans are listed below:

Crucial R1
5,000MB Space
$39.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $29.96!

Crucial R2
10,000MB Space
15GB Transfer
$69.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $52.46!

Crucial R3
20GB Transfer
$99.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $74.96!

Crucial R4
30GB Transfer
$129.95AUD/month NOW ONLY $97.46!

About Us:

Crucial Paradigm has over 5 years experience in the international hosting market, with extensive experience in all sizes of accounts (shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, and clusters). We pride ourselves in offering custom solutions and providing friendly, personal support. Our Australian plans currently include personal plans (24/7 email support), business plans (24/7 email, business hours phone support), reseller plans (24/7 email support), and dedicated servers. We will be offering Windows plans and VPS plans in the very near future.


Personal and Business:
Virtual Dedicated Servers:
Dedicated Servers:

Sign up:

A few features included in all our shared, and reseller plans:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PHP 4 and PHP 5
  • Subversion
  • RAID Protected Storage
  • Free Web Templates
  • 50 Pre-installed scripts
  • Shell Access (upon request)
  • plus many more... check our website for the remaining features!

Datacentre and Hardware:

Our servers are located in Equinix in Sydney, and we only use high quality server grade hardware. Our shared/reseller servers all come with at least: Dual CPUs/Cores, 4+GB RAM, RAID 1, and a backup drive.

Why Crucial Paradigm:

  • Established Australian Company, located in the heart of the Sydney CBD (we aren't going out of business any time soon )
  • We offset our emissions using Green Electricity and by planting trees (so far 150+!).
  • We plant a tree for every new account signed up with us (whether it a shared hosting plan or dedicated server)
  • We put customers before profit.
  • We are always looking for ways to improve, and offer improved services to our clients.
  • Friendly support with fast responses

Feel free to contact us via email at, or give us a call at 1300 884 839

Kind Regards,
Aaron Weller
Crucial Paradigm