Host Bandit is in the same building used by the nationís 12 largest Internet providers to cross connect in Los Angeles and is one of the highest quality and most well known carrier facilities in the world. This gives high security, high speed, and reliability as well as the ability to cross connect with nearly any provider. The data center has all the modern features expected such as redundant Internet connections, redundant emergency power generators, air conditioning, 24-hour on site technicians and 24-hour on site security guards, video surveillance and more.

Host Bandit provides you with redundant hybrid Gigabit connections to the worldís leading Tier 1 bandwidth providers and operates highly reliable and secure Intel Pentium 4 web servers with RAID hard drive mirroring, 1 GB RAM, FreeBSD/Unix operating system, daily backups, live backup servers, and the Direct Admin web hosting control panel. Servers are never over stressed and are run at less than 25% of CPU capacity so your web site will always respond quickly.

Because of our location we deliver the fastest and most reliable service possible. Our customerís sites are directly on the regional Internet hub. This gives us the shortest possible path to the nationís largest ISPís such as AOL, AT&T, and Verizon. In fact we are in the same building as the nationís 12 largest ISPís. Imagine walking across the hall and plugging your computer into AOLís network directly. We can!

Host Bandit receives an average score of A+ from an independent timing report.