We've just released our new Subscription Tutorials - all of our 1600+ Flash tutorials are now available as subscriptions as well as purchases.

You can have these tutorials on your own website, branded with your own company logo in the first and last frame of every tutorial. This is the case whether you purchase or subscribe... Your customers will be able to get the help they need themselves, instead of contacting you for simple questions... saving you time and money!!

Many tutorials are also available in Voice versions, meaning the tutorials are narrated by a professional voice artist. These greatly increases the professional look and feel of the tutorials, and brings them to life! Voice tutorials are also available by subscription.

All tutorials can be viewed from our new integrated viewing window and shopping cart:

Benefits of subscribing vs buying:
- much lower initial cost (monthly rate is less than 1/15 of the purchase price)
- free updates/upgrades as new tutorial series are released (for as long as you remain a subscriber)
- 1 free "logo change" every 3 months
- free tutorial trade-ins (switch any tutorial series for another equally priced series, for free)

Subscription tutorials have a little extra code embedded in them, so they actually will not work once you cancel your subscription. For more information, go to:

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We've also announced SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS for people wanting multiple tutorial series. Discount levels are as follows:

Order $100.00 or more, and save 10% !
Order $300.00 or more, and save 20% !
Order $500.00 or more, and save 30% !
Order $700.00 or more, and save 40% !
Order $1000.00 or more, and save 50% !

These discounts are for a limited time only - it's an introductory offer to coincide with our new subscription tutorials - so if you're at all interested, act now or regret it later!!

Discounts are based on total purchase price, but also apply to subscription rates. Discounts are automatically applied to the shopping cart as you add tutorials to it.

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RESELLER PROGRAM - for companies that sell to hosting companies
We recently launched our new reseller program that allows you to sell our tutorials at a 10% discount and make 30% on every sale (more info). NOW, subscription sales are also included in the reseller program. You'll make the same 30% commission if your referral signs up for a subscription... AND you'll continue to make a commission off ALL the future monthly payments, for as long as they remain a paying customer! You'll be notified of every sale, and commission earned, and you can login to our reseller admin area to view all the history, commissions earned, order details, etc.
Adding custom-branded tutorials to your monthly hosting, VPS or dedicated server offerings is now easy as pie!

Let me know if you have any questions