Hello, i have a dedicated server located in downtown Chicago and i only have a few clients on there and i would like to fill the box up a little more. The server has 100% uptime unless i am upgrading or its a hardware fail. I am always around for technical support you can always contact me via AIM or Yahoo or even if i get to know you better i will share my cell phone number with you. Please contact me with your requirements and we can arrange something. Do it soon before i decide to stop accepting any more people! =) I currently accept paypal or cash only =) And i ask to prepay for at least a few months or we can set up a subscription.

Server Info
CentOS 5

2GHz Core 2 Duo
750GB HD
100MB Unmetered

My AIM is Co2FX or my yahoo is carbon409, and you can always email me at carbon @ infowire.org <-- no spaces =)

NO ILLEGAL STUFF PLEASE or i will be forced to get rid of you.