Universal Hosts would like you to take advantage of our VPS specials this month!

All VPS are Xen. This means, all memory you see here is what you are allocated. Xen does not allows overselling, so you always get your super-fast VPS. Xen VPS can be considered as "dedicated" servers as they have their DEDICATED memory, swap, cpu and bandwidth.

All VPS accounts are unmanaged.

All host nodes are Dual Core Dual CPU or Quad Core or Quad Core Dual CPU, with 8 GB's of RAM!!

The promotion applies to NEW SERVICES ONLY.

Included with all accounts:
HyperVM PowerPanel
FREE Reboots
FREE OS Reloads
FREE IP addresses
99.9% uptime Guarantee!
5 IP Addresses

10 GB Storage
128 MB Dedicated RAM
150 GB Total Transfer or 1 mbit unmetered

25 GB Storage
256 MB Dedicated RAM
300 GB Total Transfer or 2 mbit unmetered

50 GB Storage
512 MB Dedicated RAM
500 GB Total Transfer or 4 mbit unmetered

256 MB RAM: $5/m
512 MB RAM: $8/m
20 GB Storage: $8/m or $30 one time.

cPanel/WHM: FREE!!
DirectAdmin: FREE!!
LxAdmin: FREE!!
Fantastico: $1/m

OS Available: CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian.

IP addresses: Upto 8 FREE IP addresses per VPS.z

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us by replying here or PM, or email sales@uni-hosts.com

Thank you for looking!