Please can someone explain what an Addon domain is all about.

I was with Servage and they allowed me to point any number of domains toward my account and setup sub folders for each of them.

Their servers were German, so I thought I'd move my sites to a UK host.

I chose UK2 becasue they allowed me to have 10 addon domains.

However when I pointed my sites to their nameservers and configured cPanel, the sites went offline.

My sites have now been down for fully 2 weeks before someone at UK2 has informed me that it isn't possible to add a domain DNS zone for a domain that isn't hosted with UK2.

Whatever that means.

Apparently now I need to point my DNS zone back to my previous nameservers and point your domain A record to our cpanel server??

Does this sound right, or are UK2 being awkward? Or have I asked for the wrong thing?