Crucial Paradigm Web Hosting - 95% Off Hosting Packages!

What we're promoting?

Today we are promoting our "95% OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH!" special on our range of Shared Hosting Packages.

Promotion Coupon: 95OFF

About Crucial Paradigm:

Crucial Paradigm provides not just shared hosting but also reseller, VPS, dedicated and high traffic hosting. We provide reliable, fast, affordable hosting solutions though our key difference is our support. What sets us apart is that we care about our clients and are devoted to providing the highest level of service to them! We won't offer you unrealistic terabyte plans we have a proven track record and host multiple top 500 visited websites and its our service that keeps them with us.

Where are the insane 1Terabyte plans?

If you are looking for the cheapest deal, with the most web space then you have come to the wrong place. We pride ourselves in offering a high level of technical support and providing our customers value in this way rather than ridiculous offerings of space which could under no circumstances be offered for that price. Don't get caught up in marketing gimmicks which offer large amounts of space just because they think you won't use it!

Some Cool Features:

* Ruby on Rails Support - Mongrel
* Subversion
* Dedicated IP
* SSH Access
* PHP 4 & 5
* Shared SSL

Our shared hosting plans are listed below:

3,000MB Space
$5.95/month (ONLY $0.29 FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH)

5,000MB Space
100GB Transfer
$9.95/month (ONLY $0.49 FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH)

200GB Transfer
16.95/month (ONLY $0.84 FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH)

$25.95/month (ONLY $1.29 FOR YOUR FIRST MONTH)

With all Packages:

* Extreme Backups - We keep 7 backups of all your files, including a local RAID copy, daily local, weekly local, monthly local, daily offsite, weekly offsite, and monthly offsite backups.
* 24/7 Unsurpassed Support - Real people, real responses. 98% of our tickets are replied to within 30 minutes!
* Fast Servers with Low Number of Accounts per Server - Our servers run only the latest hardware with at least Dual CPU, 4GB RAM, and RAID. A track record of 99.9+% uptime, and 99.9% uptime Guaranteed!
* Free Transfer from your Existing Host - We'll transfer your site free of charge for you if your existing host uses cPanel and allows backups to be generated from cPanel!
* 270 Free Website Templates - Quality web templates worth over $4,000 with reseller rights.

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