Test Drive

All servers include:
250GB SATA II Drive (Clovertown include 500GB Drives)
1300GB monthly transfer
100Mbps Port
24/7 live support
Free Remote reboot from our iBizPanel
1 Static IP(additional $1/Mo)

(NEW) Dual Core Celeron (NEW)
$60/Mo. ~ $100/Setup
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Pentium 4
$70/Mo. ~ No Setup
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Pentium D Dual Core
$80/Mo. ~ No Setup
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Core 2 Duo
$80/Mo. ~ $20/Setup
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Quad Core XEON Kentsfield
$100/Mo. ~ $120/Setup
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Dual XEON Irwindale
$120/Mo. ~ No Setup
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Dual Processor Quad XEON Woodcrest
$120/Mo. ~ $400/Setup
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Single Processor Quad Core XEON Clovertown
$140/Mo. ~ $400/Setup
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Dual Processor Octal Core XEON Clovertown
$180/Mo. ~ $400/Setup
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System Memory
  • 1GB $FREE Included
  • 2GB $20/Mo. + $0/Setup
  • 4GB $60/Mo. + $0/Setup
  • 8GB $140/Mo. + $0/Setup
  • 16GB $300/Mo. + $600/Setup

Primary Drive upgrade
  • 300GB SATA II Drive $30/Mo. + $25/Setup
  • 400GB SATA II Drive $40/Mo. + $75/Setup
  • 500GB SATA II Drive $50/Mo. + $75/Setup
  • 750GB SATA II Drive $75/Mo. + $175/Setup

Additional Drives (Max 3 Drive on standard install, Please call larger/more drives, SAS, SCSI, SAN)
  • 250GB SATA II Drive $25/Mo. + $80/Setup
  • 300GB SATA II Drive $30/Mo. + $100/Setup
  • 400GB SATA II Drive $40/Mo. + $100/Setup
  • 500GB SATA II Drive $50/Mo. + $150/Setup
  • 750GB SATA II Drive $75/Mo. + $225/Setup

RAID Options

  • RAID 0 Software $75/Setup
  • RAID 0 Hardware $30/Mo. + $50/Setup
  • RAID 1 Software $75/Setup
  • RAID 1 Hardware $45/Mo. + $50/Setup
  • RAID 5 Software $75/Setup
  • RAID 5 Hardware $75/Mo. + $75/Setup
  • Others please call

Operating System
  • Fedora Core 7 (6 with Plesk Install) +$FREE
  • SuSE 10.1 +$50/Setup
  • CentOS 5 +$50/Setup
  • Debian 4 +$75/Setup
  • Mandriva 2007.0 +$75/Setup
  • Trustix 3.2 +$75/Setup0
  • Gentoo +$75/Setup
  • RHEL 5 +$40/Mo. & +$260/Setup
  • FreeBSD +$75/Setup

Windows 2003 Server $20/Mo.

Control Panel

These are unmanaged, OS will be installed with latest patches

Data Center San Diego, CA

  • 10Mbps on a 10Mbps port unmetered $300/Mo.
  • 10Mbps on a 100Mbps port $1000/Mo.
  • 20Mbps on a 100Mbps port $1600/Mo.
  • 40Mbps on a 100Mbps port $2400/Mo.
  • 100Mbps on a 100Mbps port unmetered $3000/Mo.

We also have 1000Mbps plans, please let me know if you wish to get price quote

NEW 10Mbps to 100Mbps METERED & UNMETERED PLAN Call for 1000Mbps Plans