Crucial Paradigm - GREAT Deals on spare servers + Unmetered Bandwidth Options

This sale is for a limited time, only while stocks last. We provide 24/7 support, with 98% of the responses within 30 minutes.

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Dual Xeon 3.0Ghz (1 available)
2 x 34GB 15k SCSI+ 1 x 300GB 15K SCSI
5 Usable IPs
1500GB Bandwidth

$159/monthly - $49 Setup

Sempron 2600 (1 available)
1x 80GB
5 Usable IPs
1500GB Bandwidth

$79/monthly - $49 Setup

Athlon 64 3000 (1 available)
6 x 320GB SATA
5 Usable IPs
1500GB Bandwidth

$249/monthly - $49 Setup

If you would UNMETERED bandwidth on any of these servers we can offer the following specials, and you are able to use 100% of your bandwidth allocation 24/7/365.

30Mbit Unmetered - (9,600GB) $299/month - $99 Setup
50Mbit Unmetered - (16,000G) $469/month - $99 Setup
100Mbit Unmetered - (32,00GB) $899/month - $99 Setup
200Mbit Unmetered - (64,000G) $1,796/month - $99 Setup

We specialize in high bandwidth clusters, feel free to send us over an email at sales [at] for a custom quote!

These servers are on our value network, we have 2 network options - our value network, and our premium network. If you like to be placed on our premium network instead just contact us for a quote.

To order, contact us via the following link or send an email to sales [at]

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