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Self-Managed: http://www.ubiquityservers.com/vps/
Fully Managed: http://www.ubiquityhosting.com/web-h...aged-vps-plans


Ubiquity currently offers Virtuozzo VPS in 4 Locations:

Chicago operations broadcast from 350 E. Cermak - a 1,100,000 sq. foot telecom hotel and the primary IP exchange for Chicago (as well one of two major mid-west United States hubs).

Ubiquity's Los Angeles location is next-door to One Wilshire (a facility at capacity) - the primary IP exchange in Los Angeles with dense connectivity to Asia and Silicon Valley.

Seattle's data center operations run from 2001 Sixth Avenue (aka. the Westin Building), with the best connectivity to the North Western United States and Western Canada.

New York data center operations run from 111 8th Ave. in New York City, a 2,800,000 sq. foot IP exchange facility with heavy connectivity to the east coast region and Europe.


Myriad VPS
* 20GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 250GB/Month Transfer
* Guaranteed Equal Myridad CPU Usage
* 512MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $29.95/Month
Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $49.95/Month

Perpetuity VPS
* 40GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 500GB/Month Transfer
* Guaranteed Equal Perpetuity CPU Usage
* 768MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $49.95/Month
Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $69.95/Month

Infinity VPS
* 60GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 750GB/Month Transfer
* Guaranteed Equal Infinity CPU Usage
* 1000MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $69.95/Month
Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $89.95/Month

Ubiquity VPS
* 80GB SATAII Disk Storage
* 1000GB/Month Transfer
* Guaranteed Equal Ubiquity CPU Usage
* 1500MB - Minimum Guaranteed RAM

Self-Managed: FREE Setup - $89.95/Month
Fully Managed: FREE Setup - $109.95/Month


Self-Managed Control Panels:

InterWorx: $5/month *recommended*
Plesk: $5/month
cPanel + WHM: $5/month
DirectAdmin: $5/month


Fantastico De Luxe: $20/year
Installatron: $20/year


Fully Managed Environments:

Much more than just a control panel, and at no additional cost. These two environment options come in addition to our standard managed hosting features.

ShinySite / InterWorx

* Capability for Clustering & Load-Balancing
* Real-time Graphical Stats
* APF Firewall with Web Interface

ActiveApp / Plesk

* Ruby on Rails Support
* Tomcat Java Support
* PostGreSQL Support


* Traceroutes/Ping IPs avilable upon request.

* Test files available upon request.

* Free 24x7x365 support

* 100% uptime SLA on power and network



Ubiquity provides a pure and redundant smart-routing network powered by Force10 with sFlow technology from Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and New York City. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All services are delivered from dense fiber hubs for supreme connectivity advantages over most free-standing data centers. Dedicated servers and managed hosting services are also available.

Ubiquity is officially partnered with Mzima Networks! -- http://mzima.net/pr/pr20070119.html


Contact Information

web: http://www.ubiquityhosting.com
e-mail: sales [at] ubiquityhosting (dot) com
toll-free: 1-866-GET-UBIQ ext. 1
international: +01.312.281.5101
live chat: available 24/7 on our website! NEW!


1st Contact: Michael Gazzerro
AIM: UbiquityMichael
MSN: ubiquitymichael@hotmail.com
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 501
e-mail: mike (dot) gazzerro [at] nobistech (dot) net

2nd Contact: Corey Northcutt
AIM: UbiquityCorey
MSN: coreynorthcutt@hotmail.com
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 302
e-mail: corey (dot) northcutt [at] nobistech (dot) net

3rd Contact: Jake Mertel
AIM: UbiquityJake
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 401
e-mail: jake (dot) mertel [at] nobistech (dot) net

4th Contact: Clint Chapman
AIM: UbiquityClint
ICQ: 149459479
Skype: UbiquityHosting
MSN: blahrus@hotmail.com
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 111
e-mail: clint (dot) chapman [at] nobistech (dot) net

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