I've developed a forum in which the general idea is to allow users to communicate to each other the items that they are getting rid of as well as to ask for items they wish to locate. The hope is to create a large gathering of people willing to recycle their old items instead of simply throwing them away. If you have anything you're throwing away or are looking for something please visit http://www.curbsideit.com and join our forum. It may be slow starting but every member helps even if you don't yet have anything to give away or anything to ask for, join and keep us in mind next time you throw out that old chair, desk, t.v. or anything of the sort. Forums are split by state and the site is currently only provided within the U.S.

I hope you find this idea to be a good one and would love to see you sign up. Each post requires a zipcode to help sort through each post for members looking for items. Please take a look around and sign up.

Don't trash it, Curb Side It.