WHMreseller V3 ! Let Your Resellers Resell multiple WHM Accounts !


Now you can offer your Resellers the chance to UPGRADE to MASTER RESELLER status and
start offering their own clients WHM control panels. The new version includes all the
following features (plus more):

* Manage Multiple Master Resellers
* Master Reseller Manage Multiple Sub Resellers
* Resource/Number/PreAssigned Package Limiting
* Unlimited Option
* IP Delegation
* Auto Granting
* Create,Terminate,Suspend,Modify
* Upgrade/Downgrade
* Master Reseller Backup control
* Master Reseller Change Ownership control
* Master Reseller Migration control
* Safe Single Level of Reselling
* cPanel 11 compatible
* Automated Free Upgrades
* SALE AU$39.95/y (approx US$35/y) per License (one License per server)

For more information and screen shots see http://deasoft.com/software.php