Great for competitive web hosting, video streaming, off-site backup, and many other projects - Ubiquity is offering monstrous redundant TERABYTE servers for just $489/month, free setup in Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, or Dallas, or $529/month in New York City (you choose!). Systems are reinforced with RAID 1 drive mirroring and redundant power and network feeds, each with GIGABIT capacity. Best of all, this awesome deal is applied for the life of your Ubiquity account!

Offer Expires January 1st!

* Dual Xeon 5310 (quad core)
* 2x 1 TB SATAII 7200rpm Drive with RAID 1
* 4096MB ECC-Registered Full Buffered DDRII Memory
* 1000Mbit Port (fully burstable!)
* 1500GB Monthly Transfer
* 8 Free Usable IP's
* Remote Reboot Access
* Network Graphs
* Free Service Monitoring

$489/Month - FREE Setup


Customizations on this configuration may be available (especially in terms of bandwidth). Be sure to contact us!

Not specifically what you're looking for? Visit www.ubiquityservers.com to customize virtually any configuration, from any of five corners of the United States! All Ubiquity addons from management, backups, hardware add-ons, and beyond are available on this and other Ubiquity server offerings.


* Contact us for Inbound / Outbound traceroutes anywhere in the world

* Test files and IP's available upon request.

* Free 24x7x365 support

* 100% uptime SLA on power and network

* Other add-ons and custom configs available


Ubiquity provides dedicated servers and colocation from Five US Locations! Services available in Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York City with data centers at IP exchange hubs. All Ubiquity locations are equip with the same caliber of service, which includes free remote reboot, free network graphs, 100Mbit uplinks and masses of flexible options from hardware to bandwidth to managed hosting.

Ubiquity is partnered with Mzima Networks! -- http://mzima.net/pr/pr20070119.html

Ubiquity's primary NSP is Mzima Networks; who provides a smart-routing network rooted in Force10's patent-pending sFlow technology, with a premium upstream and over 400 peering providers. By choosing premium upstream providers on an all-Cisco network, in telecom hotel locations with high availability and zero long-haul transit - Ubiquity is the only reasonable choice for latency-critical applications in the serviced regions.


All Service Locations

Chicago - 350 E. Cermak
Dallas - 1950 N. Stemmons Freeway
Seattle - 2001 N. Sixth (Westin)
New York City - 111 8th Avenue
Los Angeles - 530 W. Sixth (Telecom Center)


Software Options

Ubiquity is all about choices- here is a sampling of some of our software licensing options.

- cPanel + WHM
- Fantastico De Luxe
- Installatron
- InterWorx
- DirectAdmin
- Virtuozzo
- Plesk
- Acronis
- Red Hat Enterprise Server
- Windows 2003 Server
- Microsoft Exchange Server


Contact Information

web: http://www.ubiquityservers.com
e-mail: sales [at] ubiquityhosting (dot) com
toll-free: 1-866-GET-UBIQ ext. 1
international: +01.312.281.5101
live chat: available 24/7 on our website! NEW!


1st Contact: Mike Gazzerro
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 501
e-mail: mike (dot) gazzerro [at] nobistech (dot) net

2nd Contact: Corey Northcutt
AIM: UbiquityCorey
MSN: coreynorthcutt@hotmail.com
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 302
e-mail: corey (dot) northcutt [at] nobistech (dot) net

3rd Contact: Jake Mertel
AIM: UbiquityJake
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 401
e-mail: jake (dot) mertel [at] nobistech (dot) net

4th Contact: Clint Chapman
AIM: UbiquityClint
ICQ: 149459479
Skype: UbiquityHosting
MSN: blahrus@hotmail.com
Office: (312) 281-5101 ext. 111
e-mail: clint (dot) chapman [at] nobistech (dot) net