After being online and jaded, I'm sure all of you aren't blinded from the fact that there actually are quite a number of cool affiliate marketing strategies. However, looking for new strategies is really not the answer to the question "how to make money with affiliate marketing".
The most important is to look at time-tested methods. Those that even the gurus are using right now to make money. For example, we all know that affiliate teleseminars are a great way of making money. If you want to know about this, please read about Alex Mandossian's Teleseminar Secrets. Another time-tested approach has been Google Adwords. The approach used in Chris Carpenter's original Google Cash method worked for me - at least a while. Now with the updates and the very down-to-earth strategies in Day Job Killer, this approach has been revived. Learn about Google Adwords from my friend Simon Leung. He's a great guy.
I tested several other methods recently. Ezines don't work well if you have lots of content. The more captivating the content, the less people click on your links. So, I'd suggest you keep short notes and let them read one piece of useful content if you want to make your promotion obvious.
Another one I tested is the "Don't buy what I'm selling". This is hilarious, especially when you can create the pain in describing why they shouldn't buy. You tell people not to buy your product because there are many free software out there with known bugs. Teach them how to circumvent the bug issue. Show them how to put things together free. It's going to be great, but at some point in time, they will not want to use these. Then, you recommend them "If you *really* want to spend money on a fairly pricey item, then click here". It's surprising how many people actually would rather spend money on an expensive item than to jump through the hoops on a free item.
Anyway, I hope that benefits you. I've got a few more tips and tricks at my blog. IF you want the answers to <a href=" "> <b>how to make money with affiliate marketing</b></a>, do join me and my active community of members.