SilverRack is a provider of affordable VPS hosting. Our plans are no frills - they're perfect for developers and those who like to install and configure their own software. We have Centos and Debian VPS stacks that have Ruby, RoR, Apache, and Mongrel preinstalled and ready to go.

Right now we have specials on 2 plans that are perfect for hosting your Ruby on Rails applications:

Medium Plan
Memory: 256mb
Disk: 10gb
Bandwidth: 50gb
IP: 1 dedicated
Price: $20

Large Plan
Memory: 512mb
Disk: 20gb
Bandwidth: 100gb
IP: 1 dedicated
Price: $40

All plans come with our custom control panel that allows you to start, stop, reboot, or recreate your VPS on the fly. You can even change your OS instantly - so if you want to experiment with a different OS, our VPS plans are perfect for you.

To get the prices listed above, use the coupon code "railshosting".