Hi all
first of all
1) this is my first post so be gentle!!
2) Didn't know whether to put this here or in an advertising forum so
forgive if I have cross posted

I have a piece of hosting software I would like some people to try out/beta test
It is designed for running intranets NOT ISPs, as such it concentrates on websites only
(not email etc.. its not helm,cpanel plesk)

It's called WISE (http://www.smartframeworks.com)
and lets you do name based virtual hosting on Linux.
(It's been done before I hear you say)
The unique (ish) part of WISE is
1) Hosts J2EE websites (jsp, servlets, ejb etc..) as well as php over both http and https
2) hot deployment of your J2EE web applications (simply drop in your .war file and you are done)
3) fully clusterable using SmartBoot (http://www.smartframeworks.com/smartboot.html)

I'd will give a free evaluation copy to anybody who has a spare linux box to try it out on
all I ask in return is
you try it out and test it throughly
send me feedback with honest comments or possibly an independent review of the server

thanks in advance