Flexi Web Host is a reliable and trustworthy host who has been in the industry for the last 4 years.

Flexi Web Host offers cheap reliable hosting with realistic bandwidth and space limits (do not be fooled with offers of unlimited bandwidth or space). We also offer realistic databases as well as email accounts.

During the rest of November we are offering a 50% discount on all of our hosting packages for your first invoice (regardless of the length of hosting paid for). To make the most of this offer simply order hosting via our web site and use the coupon code "NOV-DEAL" during checkout.

The packages we offer are as follows:-

Starter Plan
Disk Space : 100 MB
Bandwidth : 15 GB
MySQL Databases : 1
Email Accounts : 5
FTP Accounts : 1
Parked Domains : 2
Addon Domaine : 2

1 month 3.00* (when coupon is used)
3 month 9.00* (when coupon is used)
6 month 18.00* (when coupon is used)
12 month 36.00* (when coupon is used)


Mid Level
Disk Space : 250 MB
Bandwidth : 40 GB
MySQL Databases : 3
Email Accounts : 10
FTP Accounts : 1
Parked Domains : 5
Addon Domains : 5

1 month 5.00* (when coupon is used)
3 month 15.00* (when coupon is used)
6 month 30.00* (when coupon is used)
12 month 60.00* (when coupon is used)


Business Hosting Plan
Disk Space : 500 MB
Bandwidth : 75 GB
MySQL Databases : 10
Email Accounts : 20
FTP Accounts : 5
Parked Domains : 10
Addon Domains : 10

1 month 7.50* (when coupon is used)
3 month 22.50* (when coupon is used)
6 month 45.00&* (when coupon is used)
12 month 90.00* (when coupon is used)

All hosting packages come with the cPanel control panel, PHP and mySQL as standard. We also have a selection of reseller packages. This coupon code can also be used for these orders as well.

Payment methods accepted are as follows:-

Cheque (in UK or )**
Wire Transfer**

Please visit Here for full details.

*All prices are subject to 22% VAT in Europe ONLY.
**Orders will not be processed until payment has cleared.
***Charged at the 0.20 rate and prior notification of intent to pay in this way must be given.