Dear Hosting Community,

Greetings from ACT Team !

ACT is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company, supporting web hosting companies, data centers since 2001. When we started with just two people, It was the small and start-up hosting companies who tried us and it is because of them, We are here strongly growing as a 350+ team along with our associate companies.

Here is our way to give back - A genuine offer for those small companies and growing companies who are trying hard to grow big. We are here to help you realize your dreams of getting big. Come join, Lets grow together.

The Offer

- Pay as you go – Don’t pay upfront. Pay only for the issues resolved, at the end of the month.
- Issues will be handled through Helpdesk, LiveChat & Phone
- First 10 issues will be absolutely free for you to try us.

The Price

- $ 3 / Issue – may it be a helpdesk issue or live chat or phone

The ACT – vantage

- Established since 2001
- ISO 9001:2000 Certified company
- A combined team strength of 350+ team with our associate companies
- End to End Support & Web Solutions
- Strong Management & Technical Team with domain expertise
- Support offered through Helpdesk, Phone & Livechat
- State of the art Infrastructure
Check our facility here -

*** Offer is valid through this year ***

There are certain conditions for companies to fit in to this plan. You don’t have to rush or show a promo code, but take your time, try us and see if we elevate to be your right support partner. I assure you that, We will give our best to grow your business and thereby our business.

If you are interested, Please send a email to

Your 24/7 Support Partner