What is Forumotion?
Itís the ideal occasion to create a forum easily. Our new and complete functionalities, offer incredible personalization possiblities. Our updates are regular, free and automatic.

Here are some of the functionalities :

-Creation of Categories and Forums: The most important thing of all, and it's very easy to do. This is pretty self-explanatory so I won't go into detail, but I will say that there are almost no limits on the number of forums you can add. The forum that I co-admin currently has around 136 forums with the capacity to add more.
-Customizable skins: You are able to change the colours, buttons, logos and pictures on your forum. There are several pre-installed themes available if you're not feeling creative, or if you're a bit of an expert, you can edit the CSS yourself. One thing not offered by forumotion is the ability to have multiple skins, however they do provide a script to do this on the support forum.
-Portal Module: Once installed, you can add unlimited 'blocks' to the portal, which essentially acts as your homepage. It gives a nice, finished look to your forum.
-Word Censors
-Addition of Rules and FAQ
-Addition of smileys
-Avatar Gallery: You can add and delete avatars to your gallery as and when needed.
-Member groups: Very useful if you want to classify groups, or create forums that can only be seen by certain members.
-Private Messages: Something I like about PMs on forumotion boards is that a record is kept of the dialogue between each person. For example, if I send a PM to 'Rachel', she will then see our previous PMs underneath.
-Users Connected: With an adjustable time-frame, you can see which members have been connected recently. This is shown at the bottom of your index page.
-Calendar Module: If you activate the calendar, a link will show up in your nav bar and you will be able to add dates and events to it.
-Ability to add moderators: You can assign certain members moderator status across the whole board, or simply for a certain forum.


-Integrated Chatbox: This is a great feature, which when installed can either appear at the bottom or top of your index page or the portal. It is essentially a chatroom, which your members can log into, and interact with each other. As an admin, you will have immediate moderation over the chatbox, but you are able to add moderators to it who can then kick or ban members, and clear messages.
-RPG Module: If your forum is an RPG (role playing game), this is a great addition. Once installed, members will have the option to fill in their RPG Character Sheet, and this information will then appear underneath their avatar in all of their posts.
-Gallery: The free version of the gallery can only be seen by the admins, but if you choose to pay, you can make it available to every member.
-Spoiler Tags: I thought I'd mention these, as they were added in the first update of this year on my suggestion. On the support forum, you can make suggestions to the technicians which may or may not be implemented. I suggested this several months ago (as an admin of a Harry Potter board, avoiding spoilers is very important!), and it is now a feature.

See you soon