From the Netherlands:

We offer hardcore proxy hosting, at a reasonable price.

Heavy CPU and MEMORY power allowed!

Your proxy will be hosted, depending on your choice, at:

Linux servers:

Intel Core Duo 2,66ghz
4gb ram
2x 300gb SATA harddisks
1000mbit NIC

Windows 2003 servers:

Intel Quad Xeon 2.8ghz
8gb ram
2x 73gb SCSI harddisks
1000mbit NIC

Pricing table:

250mb space - 25gb transfer: $10 / month
1000mb space - 100gb transfer: $30 / month
5000mb space - 500gb transfer: $75 / month

99,98% uptime guarantee!
30 days money back guarantee!

Payment by: 2checkout, creditcard, e-gold, moneybookers, neteller, stormpay and wire transfer.