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Virpus Networks is proud to offer our top of the line VDS's using Virtuozzo technology and based on a premium network all at affordable costs.

All Virpus Networks’s VDS include….
  • Basic Managed Services (via Virtual Enterprise Support Services)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Nightly Backups
  • Virtuozzo Technology
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Premium Network
  • Your Choice of OS: CentOS 3.x, 4.x, Fedora Core 3-5, and RedHat 9, Debian, SuSu
  • Control Panel Choices: cPanel and DirectAdmin

Virtual Enterprise Support Services
Virpus Networks includes basic managed services via our Virtual Enterprise Support Services. This includes an unlimited amount of server administration hours, hardening and optimizing of the VDS, service updates and upgrades and more. See for more details.

Virpus “XTREME” Support
Quality and friendly support is a key here at Virpus Networks and is something we have been known for. Virpus Networks provides technical support via our Helpdesk 24x7 with an average response time of under 30 minutes and general support via Live Chat, phone and our forum.

Enterprise Grade Servers
All Virpus Networks VDS nodes are DELL PowerEdge systems each featuring at least a Dual Core Dual Xeon processor w/ HT Enabled, 12 GB RAM, RAID 1 or 5 Technology. Virpus Networks was actually the first VDS provider to invest in large enterprise class nodes with of a minimal 12 GB of physical RAM and Dual Core processors. Unlike many of the other VDS providers, Virpus Networks does NOT oversell our nodes. We ranked is the highest benchmarks for our VDS services.

Free Consultation and Personal Services
Virpus Networks is always here to assist you with your hosting needs. We provide all of our customers free consultation services to help the customer determine which solution would be best for their hosting needs. By fully analyzing the customers hosting applications or websites, Virpus Networks is able to recommend a solution that would work best with the customers needs.


VPS BLOWOUT SALE: EXPIRES October 4, 2007 or until sold out. We have new nodes that we need to get sold out of, so to help kick off these new nodes, we're running the Official Virpus VPS Blowout Sale - V2!!

  • FREE Control Panel (cPanel or DirectAdmin)
  • 1 FREE Month after keeping your services current for 3 months (see details here
  • FREE RAM and Bandwidth Upgrades on select options.
  • 50% or 35% Off for LIFE

Option 1 - 50% Off For Life - Coupon Code VDSB50SO
Description: You will get 50% off for the life of your account, however only Bandwidth will be upgraded.

Option 2 - 35% Off For Life - Coupon Code VDSB35SO
Description: You will get 35% off for the life of your account with all upgrades being applied to your account as listed below.

NOTE: Our website does not show this special as this offer is exclusively for members and viewers of this forum. HURRY!!! We're limited to just 50 orders!! Sale is for new orders only and cannot be applied to existing orders/accounts already with Virpus Networks.

Edge VDS
Full Root Access
20 GB of Space
500 GB of Bandwidth (usually 250 GB)
384 MB of Guaranteed Ram (usually 256 MB)
1 GB of Burstable Ram
100% Service Uptime SLA
3 Clean IP Addresses
Product Price: (usually $41.99/mo!)
Option 1: 50% Off: 20.99/mo
Option 2: 35% Off: $27.39/mo

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Signature VDS
Full Root Access
30 GB of Space
750 GB of Bandwidth (usually 400 MB)
448 MB of Guaranteed Ram (usually 384 MB)
2 GB of Burstable Ram
100% Service Uptime SLA
6 Clean IP Addresses
Product Price: (usually $59.99/mo!)
Option 1: 50% Off: 29.99/mo
Option 2: 35% Off: $38.99/mo

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Supreme VDS
Full Root Access
45 GB of Space
750 GB of Bandwidth (usually 700 GB)
660 MB of Guaranteed Ram (usually 512 MB)
3 GB of Burstable Ram
100% Service Uptime SLA
9 Clean IP Addresses
Product Price: (usually $72.99/mo!)
Option 1: 50% Off: 36.50/mo [LIMIT OF JUST 5 ORDERS]
Option 2: 35% Off: $47.44/mo

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Please check our website for available package addons!

Other Information

Test IP:
Transit Providers: at&t, Qwest, Verizon Business/UUNet, XO and Cogent

Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express (New!), and PayPal

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