Hi all,

Being quite high up in a hosting compnay, I was wondering the differences in many of the hosting companies. I have though up a few different questions for the hosts here to answer as i think it would be nice for newer hosts starting out aswell as people looking at what different hosts offer.

Post your answers on a postcard and send them to the reply box at the bottom of the page, alternatively press the reply button and add the message there

Also please do not slate any other companys here, each compnay will have different opinions for each answer, please keep any rude or abusive comments to yourself B) thanks

1 - What makes you stand out
Firstly, what makes your host stand out from many of the others? examples i can think of include, 24/7/365 support, unique features, additional software e.g. urchin

2 - Content types
Are there any limites to what content you allow, i think media files where you don't own the copyright can be left out as most host dont allow it, although if you think it should be included feel free to use it, other things that im partly interested in are things that all host will have different opinions on, adult content? do you support it? if not, why not?

3 - Support
What do you state your support times as being? (24/7?), if it is 24/7 is this a genuine figure or is it something you have done to attract customers? i think this question is something many hosting buyers would be interested in....

4 - Prices
This is one main point where more established hosts, providing a much higher quality of business and keeping the industry up to standards get put down. Unfortunately people can pick up resellers and dedicated servers next to nothing these days, a few people purchase such items and set them up poorly, then sell on hosting at unrealistic prices. The people / companies who do this put bigger hosts down by providing the such low prices although the customer is often unhappy with a poor service and leaves looking for a new host soon after. After a few attempts the customer finally realises that in webhosting - "you get what you pay for". Its soemthing that everyone should know when looking for qulaity web hosting. Finally, the question , how would you compare yourself to some established hosts, are you higher priced than the average or considerably less?. If it is less dont take what was said above against you, someone hosts can be cheap and be of a good quality.

5 - What you offer.
Some hosting companies run only one control panel where as others offer all types of different control panels and types of hosting to their customers..... what control panel(s) do you offer and what type of accounts eg dedicated servers / VPS / resellers / shared

I think they are the main questions i am quite interested.... will be nice to see what responses we get

Best regards