Dear All.

SynergyWorks is pleased to announce the immediate availability of rack-space located within the weald of Kent, just off Junction 5 of the M2. Set in rural surroundings and avoiding urban power restrictions it is a true alternative to London Docklands.

Site Specification includes:
Power Wave N+1 Online UPS
Advanced N+1 Fresh Air Cooling
Diesel Generator Backup
Oxy-Reduction fire prevention
Power up to 32amps per cabinet
1Gbps Transit Feeds available
Low Latency Bandwidth
24/7 Unescorted Access

Current Tarrif:
Lockable Rack (Front + Rear Doors) = 150/month + 150 setup
Lockable Rack (Front + Rear Doors) = 250/month + 250 setup
Lockable Full Rack (Front + Rear Doors) = 350/month + 350 setup

Racks do not come with a power allocation. Power is provisioned and billed separately at the rate of 100/month per 4amps. All pricing excludes VAT.

Bandwidth Options:
All racks come as standard with 100Mbps ethernet drop and 1Mbps transit. Additional transit is charged at 15/Mbps, based on a 95th percentile billing model.

Shared Colocation Options
Shared colocation with access via pre-arrangement is available at the following rates:

1U Colocation / 0.5amp / 200GB Bandwidth = 49/mo + 25/setup
2U Colocation / 0.5amp / 200GB Bandwidth = 59/mo + 25/setup
3U Colocation / 0.5amp / 200GB Bandwidth = 69/mo + 25/setup
4U Colocation / 0.5amp / 200GB Bandwidth = 79/mo + 25/setup

Any questions, I can be found on 020 7871 4452 or via email to [at]

Kind Regards,