I am selling my hosting company (http://www.fyant.com) now that it is getting too large for one person to handle. I started this company back in June, and it has grown ever since. I am accepting payment through PayPal, with the buyer expected to cover transaction costs (fees). Last time I went through a deal like this, the buyer expected me to have contracts notarized and for me to FedEx them back - all for a small web hosting business, and I do not want to have to deal with this again. I can provide plenty assurance that I am not in the business of scamming anybody, and do not need a stack of legal agreements to do so.

Buy it now is $800.00

Contact me through e-mail at jason@fyant.com, MSN at compuwizwinxp@chartermi.net, or AIM at Argex5. Also, I will expect to keep this e-mail address at least 30 days after the sale to ensure nothing is still being sent there.

21 Monthly Clients - All paying through PayPal (not on subscriptions, so all you have to do is switch the PayPal account e-mail address in the billing control panel)
3 Domains (2 @ $10.00/yr, 1 @ $15.00/yr - not included in income totals)
Website, including original template (PSD)
WHMCS transfer (license is a monthly subscription)
VPS transfer (monthly subscription) - if needed
Passwords, access information, etc
Screenshot of accounts


9 clients @ $6.00 per month each
4 clients @ $10.00 per month each

7 clients @ $3.00 per month each
1 client @ $8.00 per month

VPS server is $25.00 per month - 25GB HD, 384MB ram, 200GB ram, cPanel

WHMCS license is $12.95 per month

Net income: $1476.00 yearly, $123.00 monthly
Monthly: $123.00 (21)
Quarterly: $0.00 (0)
Semi-Annually: $0.00 (0)
Annually: $0.00 (0)
Biennially: $0.00 (0)
Est. Annual Income: $1476.00
(Excluding Domains)