Hey everyone.

I've been reliably hosting Nintendo Fan Sites (Ad-Free and Forum Posting Free) for over a year at NintendoHost.com.
But I recently wanted to host all types of sites, so Level Up Host was created.
I do this purely because I'm able to, and like hosting sites for free, getting them off ad-ridden servers, and helping them out.

So I have been doing this for over a year now, so it won't just disappear in a month.

There isn't some hidden agenda, I lose money every month off this, but I feel its worth it to help some people out, and host some sites for free.

500 Megs Space
10 Gigs Monthly Bandwidth
cPanel 11 with Fantastico
Host a Domain or Subdomain
1 Addon Domain
10 Parked Domains/Domain Pointers
5 Pop E-Mail Accounts
10 FTP Accounts
3 MySQL Databases (Or Postgre)
PHP, Perl and CGI, SSI

No forum posting, no ads, just good free hosting. Although I do ask if you can place a small text link back to Level Up Host on your main page, it can be at the very bottom, and just say something like "Hosted by Level Up Host"

It is a free service, so I don't offer 24/7 support, but if you don't really need that, then Level Up Host may be the place for you.

So if you want some good free webhosting, then please check it out at http://www.leveluphost.com