Greetings all,

Sorry the first post I make is going to be a negative one, but I feel strongly enough about this issue to try and get the word out in places that will help prevent others from falling into the same situation...

I have had horrible trouble with this very unscrupulous host, WarmWebHost, and problems from day one, but it seems since the first of August they they have just disappeared. They use "bait & switch" tactics, said they offered things/services they did not (such as NeoMail and 24/7 support). They do not respond to support tickets, and their ticketing system stinks. When they initially got back to me on my first few tickets, it was a basic and curt reply (“looks good from our end”) and of little or no help. WarmWebHost is a “ColdWebRipoff”. My sites were down quite often, and when I complained and put in trouble tickets, all of a sudden my databases mysteriously disappeared. Can you say "retribution"??? Plus, if you do open a trouble ticket, they will arbitrarily close your tickets without taking any action or responding to you – I reopen them, then they close them again!

I've tried in vain to contact these people. Seems like they've taken our money and run. I say "our" because there are others. Seems there are quite of few of us that had WWH accounts that are having the same issues. I've called them (got their number off WhoIs), but there's just some cryptic answering machine message that I doubt is even checked. I also doubt that anyone will call me back... but, hey, you can try it. I've also emailed them, pm'd them, tried their "Live Online Support" (which by the way is *never* online!) and put in tickets galore via their ticketing system. Don't count on the tickets though, because if you put one in they just close it without responding or acting on whatever the issue is.

I’ve done a Google search on 'warmwebhost', and it comes back with plenty bad reviews, all along the same time frame (here's an example: And they guy on that site that did post a good review (Michael at BlackListedHosting) is defunct now... I wonder if WWH nuked them too??? Additionally, I see WarmWebHost has posted his “services” available in LOTS of forums, so it’s obvious they are wanted to attract and gather as many accounts as possible in as short a time period as possible. I wanted to post here as well because I know this is one of the forums WarmWebHost has visited and posted in, and it was via a forum “host request” that I found them… er, rather, they found me. So, maybe they'll read up on how pissed some folks are and do something (hey, we can hope, right???).

Also, bearing in mind that I’m not a hosting specialist, but with regard to “uptime” measurement, isn’t that supposed to be where your hosting services are, and not your host’s OWN personal site’s server? For instance, say my hosting was on IP 123.45.678.910; the “uptime” that is actually being recorded is off their own server (where their site resides), with IP address of say 456.78.910.11. Is that right – is that the industry norm? Because that is what is happening.

Anyway, the short of it is they have ignored me and my requests for support and repair, and ultimately a refund of my money if they can’t/won’t respond and/or fix the problems - my sites are down, my databases have mysteriously disappeared right after I reported them to a web hosting forum, and I have not heard a peep from them in going on three weeks. I had 4 outstanding trouble tickets for 4 different problems (cpanel access, email problems, databases gone, and websites down); I looked into the ticket system *hoping* they'd answered, but no - all the tickets were closed again with no response or action! I'm very unhappy, and would like to see them Blacklisted.

They have a 15-day money back “guarantee” (wink, wink), but if you can’t get a response, what good is that guarantee and how can you enforce it? I'm not a legal person, but I do believe that there might be some fraud involved here too if they've promised/guaranteed refunds and then have not done so. Seems like they've taken a lot of people's money (mine included) and now have just vanished.

Stay away from this horrible host; they are deceitful and will take your money; you won’t get the service and you won’t get your money back. RIPOFFS!