Here is some news that I want to share, and I believe it will be useful to you and all your friends..above all it is very interesting !

Purplenova a software that allows users to host content straight from their PC's. It is a new way of hosting content and that one that puts users in control. There are no uploads and no restrictions on how much user can host.. The content always remains fresh.. users can even point the domain names to his or her own PC.

Purplenova was also one of the exhibitors at the grand HostingCon, 2007 conference held at Chicago and has just announced the released of Purplenova 3.1, which supports domain names and hosting of web services or web applications. Find out more at [URL="http://www.hostreview.com/news/news/070726Purplenova.html"]http://www.hostreview.com/news/news/...urplenova.html[/URL]

Enjoy! :)