CDGcommerce is pleased to announce our NEW! FREE Internet Payment Gateway program, immediately available to all WHT Members.
For many years we have established a trusted track record with WHT Members of providing great customer service, pioneering technology and competitive pricing... and we're excited to release our BEST MERCHANT ACCOUNT PROMOTION EVER. By signing up now for a CDGcommerce merchant account, you can now benefit from:
* FREE Internet Payment Gateway - cut out an entire layer of cost!
There are no hidden fees, no gotchas. No setup, monthly or per gateway costs nor any markups in other areas to offset it.
* FREE Verified by Visa/MasterCardSecureCode - protect your business!
These powerful technologies actually block the most common 60% of chargeback reason codes from reaching your account whether or not the cardholder is enrolled.
* FREE Recurring Billing & Vault Billing - completely automate your billings.
The included gateway offers you free built-in recurring billing via API or virtual terminal as well as the ability to request a re-bill of any customer at any time and for any amount.
* 100% Fraud Loss Reimbursement Guarantee - ironclad assurance against fraud loss.
Any eligible transactions receive the additional benefit of a true 100% reimbursement guarantee against fraudulent chargeback losses.
* Great Rates & Award Winning Service - get the best service AND the best pricing!
Our great rates will keep your accountants happy and our award winning customer service will keep you and your staff happy as well.
All of this is available with a FREE Setup and a monthly cost of only $10/month.
We can honestly claim that no other merchant processor in the industry offers a program even remotely comparable to this one!
To signup, simply go to our SECURE APPLICATION CENTER
Are you a person just getting started? Well we got a solution for you too!!
CDGCommerce offers merchants accounts for just a $45/setup fee! No Monthly Payments, No Monthly Min., No Yearly Payments! To get you rate simply go to our SECURE APPLICATION CENTER

Got a Question? Simply PM me and i will be more then happy to answer them!. Do you need custom rates? Just ask! I can create a plan that fits you!
(This is a post made by a independant agent by CDGCommerce)