Hi Everyone!

This is sort of a pre-announcement as something more official will be released later this week.

We are launching a new website this week called Hosts for the Cause and hope that it will become a great resource for many of you. Here is a little bit about who we are:

Hosts for the Cause is a Directory of Web Hosts with a Purpose. We believe that, given the option, most people would choose to do business with companies that provide them with not only the products and services they seek, but that also support worthy causes and believe in something more than just low prices. And we also realize that in the vast sea of hosters in can be difficult for companies to connect with this audience. Hosts for the Cause gives web hosting companies and their customers the opportunity to realize both these goals.

All Web Hosts listed on Hosts for the Cause donate to charitable organizations and are listed together in one place for the ease and convenience of people looking for a place to host their websites. Note, also, that Hosts for the Cause itself donates a portion of its proceeds to charity. All listings in the directory are, and always will be, free, the only criteria for our listers is that they represent, or contribute to in some way, a known charitible entity as well as adhere to common ethical business standards.

The inspiration behind this site was when my 5 yo. nephew (now 6) was diagnosed with a severe form of Cystic Fibrosis. Since his diagnosis, his parents and I have been working hard trying to find ways in which we can help those in need while still conducting business and providing for our families. My only regret is that it took such an event to spark this motovation.

So join us! If you support a worthy cause please sign up today, if not, start doing so, please don't wait until someone close to you is affected before you start making a difference.