That's correct! Due to new ventures we are now selling ALL source files to anyone and everyone!

We have been in the flash tutorial business for several years here: We have decided to exit the tutorial business and are offering our source files to everyone out there!

When you buy, this you the ability to do several things:

1) Start your own flash tutorial website and sell tutorials to 1,000's of customers! (Make $1,000's per month!). In fact, you can make over $4,000 a month pretty easily!

2) Create tutorials for your resellers with their logo! This will give YOUR hosting company an edge above other hosting companies!

3) Change your own logo's anytime... at no extra charge!

4) Just about anything you want to do with these source files!

To see all of the sets we have, click here. This is around 50 sets of tutorials and everything you see on this page is only $350!

You must understand.... these are the SOURCE FILES that ALL tutorial providers use! Just open with RoboDemo or Captivate and edit the text, images or the entire layout of the tutorials.

By using these source files you can start your own business. Just think, if you sell 5 sets of tutorials to one hosting company, and you sell them for $50 per set, you just made a $250 sale! If you do this 10 times a month you can make $2500 per month. These are not unrealistic figures either.

ALSO.... TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.... WE WILL SELL THE DOMAIN NAME CHEAPDEMOS.COM! This will give you instant access to tons of visitors each month as well as all new customers.


For any ONE set, the price is $100.
For any additional sets, the price is $40 extra
For every set we have on our website, the price is $350

If you want to purchase a copy of the DemoBrowner, seen here, the price is an extra $30.

If you have any questions, please click here.