Nixism Web Hosting
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Double your specs
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Now you have the chance to chose between two great offers in web hosting.
What are the choses? Simple.

You can either:

A. Buy a package and DOUBLE YOUR SPECS.


B. Buy a package and get one absolutely free. For as long as you have your first account? You call us crazy? We call it, friggin' wicked! (Beginner Package).

Why choose Nixism? simply because..
  1. 99.9 % Guaranteed Uptime or your next month is on us.
  2. Fast Reply Support: (Live, AIM, ticket, forum, and email support).
  3. A whopping 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed.
  4. Fast Dedicated Servers.
  5. Absolutely No overselling!
  6. Secure Server and Checkout.
Need more information?
To Double Your Specs Enter: DOUBLEMEH
To Get An Extra Free Account Enter: EXTRAPLEASE
Promotion Terms & Conditions:
1. Firstly, we reserve the right to cancel any account at any time without consent.
2. You must use the appropriate coupons at sign up.
3. When getting a free package, it will be paid for as long as you are paying for the first account.
4. You must pay regular price, the $1/$6 promotion is void.