[***] Fully Managed Linux Dedicated Servers - $149 / Free Setup [***]

What you get with every server:


    • OS Updates and patches
    • Install/update Zend Optimizer
    • MySQL 4.X and 5.X Configuration Optimization
    • Optimize MySQL tables
    • Install/update ImageMagick (from latest source)


    • Install APF - Firewall Management
    • Install BFD - Brute Force Detection
    • Install RKHunter
    • Install RKHunter Cronjob which emails a user-set email address nightly
    • Install CHKROOTKIT
    • Install CHKROOTKIT Cronjob which emails a user-set email address nightly
    • Disable Telnet
    • Force SSH Protocol 2
    • Change SSH to alternate port (also configure APF as necessary)
    • Secure /tmp
    • Secure /var/tmp
    • Secure /dev/shm
    • Tweak WHM Settings for security and stability (cPanel Only)
    • Configure RNDC (cPanel only)
    • Add wheel user and disable direct root login over SSH
    • Install Libsafe
    • Harden sysctl.conf
    • Install Exim Dictionary Attack ACL (cPanel only)


    • BGP Routed
    • Route Optimized
    • Network Provider/Connection Speed - Global Crossing - GigE (1000Mbit)
    • Network Provider/Connection Speed - SAVIS - GigE (1000Mbit
    • Network Provider/Connection Speed - PCCWBTN - GigE (1000Mbit)
    • Network Provider/Connection Speed - Telia - GigE (1000Mbit)
    • 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee with Service Level Agreement (SLA).


    • Redundant Paralleled Power
    • 1000 Tons Cooling Capacity
    • N+1 For Fedundancy
    • State of the Art Monitoring System
    • Dry Pipe Fire Suppression System

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