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I am Currently Kurtis Stocks Owner Of rentaserv.net A Truthful Founded Website Out There To Make A Difference We Currently Sell Webhosting, Resellers, ShoutCast's, Windows Media Streams, Last but not least dedicated servers

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We always have at least 2/20 Technical Staff On Duty Round The Clock There To Help You
We always have at least 1/7 sales staff online to answer any questions you may have about our services.

All our software is automated so you could be on your way within 2 hours with a website or your reseller up and running just waiting for your content you be uploaded.

Our ShoutCast are normally setup with 4 hours as we have to make them ourself manually and dedicated servers have a record breaking setup time of 4 hours it may take longer depending on the Server queue.

So Thanks For Reading And Maybe Visit Us Sometime and See What We Have For You

Website: rentaserv.net
MSN : support(at)rentaserv.net