If you run any sort of site on the internet then you will instantly recognise the problems I am going to describe. You face this scientism every day. You face competition from countless kiddie hosts, wanna be types and fly-by-night con men. Then internet has given us all such a level playing field it has become way too easy for these jokers to steal your customers and do harm. The result is that customers are scared - be it signing up to a forum, buying and ebook, ordering a product or getting a service. People are nervous about giving their details or even *gasp* their money to online ventures- particularly if you are not a major brand like Amazon etc...

ValidSeal is a fantastic new service to give consumers more confidence in the e-commerce process.

ValidSeal is a debt-free and independent body, which verifies company and website contact information. We provide a listing saying the site has been verified as well as providing a security seal to be displayed on the newly verified website (click on a websites seal and the verification info is displayed).

Running our own drop shipping and ecommerce ventures we have struggled with smooth looking kiddie hosts, forums and shops. We has seen them take our customers and then burn and churn them. We have been annoyed at the thought of having to pay $400+ per year or a high monthly fee to get one of these validation certificates already in existence - so we decided to create our own service that was faster, more convenient and much cheaper!

Basically, we want to give you the service at cost. Give it a try and see the difference. If your not happy and have given it a reasonable go we will refund you 100%. Trust me, you will be happy though Once the promotion ends (and we won't warn you!) the regular price will be $50 per year - still highly reasonable, but to start with, its just $25/year! (Works out at $0.06/day!)

You can find out more at validseal.