My name is Don Houston and I have been in the industry for 5 years now. I use to run my own hosting business a few years ago, but I soon realized that I was in WAY over my head and decided to sell. Well I sold my business and I ended up working for the company I sold my company too. But again this is not an advertisement so I am not going to say much more

OK, about me. I am 26 fixing to be 27 here next month, I am disabled (not in a wheel chair or anything like that) I have been married to a wonderful women for the last 4 years. As I stated I started in this industry 5 years ago. I started out thinking about network solutions was the only place to get domains so when I saw it was 70 for two years. I kinda steered clear for a while. Although I was always fascinated with the internet. I mean for me I learned a lot over the past few years. But this is me. I wanted to say hell to all of the members before I forgot.