Syndicate Technologies
We are offering the best pricing plan available on the internet. We match this outstanding pricing with unrivaled support, outstanding uptime, and exclusive features.

Our Pricing Plan
If you are sick and tired of paying for resources which you do not use, then this pricing plan is great for you. Syndicate Technologies will only bill you for the server resources which you actually use!

Never see your account get suspended for over using server resources! The skies are the limit with our pricing plans. Whether you want to host a small web site or a large discussion board, our pricing plan will work for you.

Our clients on average paid for five times more resources than they actually used. It is practically impossible to accurately project your resource uses, so at other companies you are forced to throw your money away. At Syndicate Technologies pricing is different.

With our pricing plan you will pay the cheapest price byte for byte that is available on the internet. Most of our clients save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year, and you can do the same.

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Our Servers

We offer cutting edge technology to all of our clients, but what separates Syndicate Technologies from other companies is that we openly share our server statistics real-time 24/7.

The real-time statistics below are for the server currently being sold.

We NEVER Over-Load Our Servers
We program all of our server monitoring software, which allows us to control every aspect of our servers. Our CPU Usage spikes never reach 2.0 (the point where response times reduce), and our memory usage never reaches unacceptable percentages. This means that your web site will always be available as efficiently as possible.

Purchase with Confidence
We offer the best service guarantees available to our clients! We offer both a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, and an incredibly competitive uptime guarantee.

We are able to offer these outstanding policies and guarantees because we are so confident in our services. Our clients know they may never need these guarantees, but they are still nice to have!

Our Totally Exclusive Features
Our programming department is constantly working hard to deliver our clients completely exclusive features. We offer features that you will not find anywhere else!

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Screen Shot One
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The picture linked above shows the main control panel page.
Screen Shot Two
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The picture linked above shows the main page for adding reseller privileges to your clients accounts! We have blurred the domain names to protect our client's privacy.

Screen Shot Three
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The picture linked above shows the warnings report page. It displays all files which are flagged for various reasons. This page is very helpful and loved by our clients when they need to enforce their Terms of Service.

Screen Shot Four
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The picture linked above shows a detailed look at some of the reseller options we offer to our clients. We allow our clients to offer any feature offered in WHM as well as more features!

Screen Shot Five
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The picture linked above shows an area in our client's control panel where they can send bulk emails to all of their clients (according to what our clients put in their address book). You can see some details about the email variables we implement with our control panel.
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