To purchase either or you have two options. You can either contact me directly using the contact information at the bottom of this post, or else you can just type in the URL for the domain directly into your browser. If you just go directly to the URL, then you'll be redirected to a page where you can make the purchase. takes a cut of the money from me, but the reason why I like using Sedo is because they offer total security for both the buyer and the seller, because Sedo acts as the third-party escrow agent for handling the payment and transfer of the domain. I have sold lots of domains through Sedo over the years.

- - $150 (OBO) - - registered until: 01/07/2007 - To be honest, I think there are limitless opportunities with this domain name. It's a short name. It's a dot com. It contains a real word. It could easily be used as a good start for a social networking web site or any other web2.0 web site. I remember reading a while back that the domain "" sold for over $10,000. This is a great investment opportunity.

- - $150 (OBO) - - registered until: 09/21/2007 - Without getting too political here (I'm an Independent), I just want to point out that the Democrats did manage to take over the Congress and the House of Representatives in the last election. Now is the best time to own a domain such as this, which is not only a dot com, but it also contains ideal keywords, and real words. With the 2008 presidential elections in the U.S coming up, there is really so many ways in which one could use this domain to develop it more into a campaign site or something with a political message. Of course, you're free to do whatever you wish with the domain once you buy it. I just wanted to start you off with some ideas.

If you need any help, or if you would like to contact me directly to purchase, or ask a question regarding these domains; you may do so by either by e-mail or instant messager.

Good Luck!,
Shaun Apple (Love Across Borders Community Publishing web site) (not for sale )
E-mail: shaun (at) loveacrossborders (dot) com
AIM: applesbliss
Yahoo: loveacrossborders
MSN: loveacrossborders (at) hotmail (dot) com
Skype: soulajax

In addition, here are some miscellaneous dot info domains that I am selling through for only $60 each...
- - - registered until: 03/2007 - The "Dark Web" is content on the Web that is not found in most search engine results, because it is stored in a database rather than on HTML pages. Estimated to be up to 80% of the web.

- - - registered until: 03/2007 - ExtraSolar refers to any planets outside of our solar system. There are new planets discovered almost on a monthly basis. Lots of future potential here, especially for you Science types.

- - - registered until: 03/2007 - High-definition radio or TV station.

- - - registered until: 03/2007 - Mag-Lev trains are the trains of tomorrow and also today. Currently there is one mag-lev train in operation in Shanghai, China. Some countries are planning their entire future transportation systems around mag-lev trains.

- - - registered until: 03/2007 - Micro fuel cells are going to replace batteries as we currently know them as the storable and reusable energy sources for consumer electronics. Read more: