Hey everyone!

We have a few servers still available in our second datacenter!

-Bandwidth: BGP Level3 & PSI
-Servers deployed with FreeBSD are fully managed free of charge (upon request).
-The servers listed below come with fast activation. Your server is ready with the OS specified below as soon as payment is verified!
-All servers (except linux-only servers) are preinstalled with the latest version of FreeBSD.


Dedicated Servers

Server #1:
Celeron 1.7GHz
80GB PATA Drive
2000GB Bandwidth
$49/month (freebsd is default on fast activation)

Server #2:
Dual Xeon 2.0GHz
250GB PATA Drive
2000GB Bandwidth
$120/month (freebsd is default on fast activation)

Server #3:
Dual Pentium 3 1.4GHz
18GB SCSI Drive
1500GB Bandwidth
***linux only*** (centos is default on fast activation)



1U & 1.5Mbps (95th percentile)



Q: How many IPs come with each server?
A: Each server comes with 8 IPs by default. Customers will be delegated reverse DNS control upon request. Please contact us prior to ordering if you require additional IPs for IRC hosting.

Q: Are panels available?
A: cPanel is available for $35 on any server. No other panels are available at this time.

Q: Do you allow IRC/adult content?
A: Yes, all legal content is allowed.

Q: What port speed are these on?
A: All servers are connected via 100mbit ports.

Q: What upgrades are available?
A: Please contact us at support@vendettatech.com for availability.

Q: Do you have these servers available on premium bandwidth?
A: Yes, we can move any available server to our premium facility (Mzima, XO, & Xeex bandwidth) for an additional $20/month.

Q: Do you do rent-to-own servers?
A: We can do rent-to-own on any currently available server - please send us an email with what you're interested in and we can work something out.


Please contact support@vendettatech.com or submit a ticket with any additional questions you may have.