Byethost offers advanced, high quality and practical web hosting services to its customers. All 50+ servers are highly monitored for any errors and all support technicians are paged when an error or service fails.

By investing in our servers, we are aiming to offer hosting services that make YOU happy.

Byethost has been open for over 2 years (check our whois!).

All accounts are hosted on high quality servers and all have access to cPanel X and Fantastico.

Below is our $2.99 a month plan.

5,000mb (5gb) web space
250,000mb (250gb) transfer
20 addon, sub and parked domains, MySQL databases
100 email accounts
Free .info Domain

Below is our $6.99 a month plan.

100,000mb (100gb) web space
1,000,000mb (1,000gb) (1TB) transfer
50 addon, sub and parked domains
40 MySQL databases
200 email accounts
Free .com, .net or .org domain

http://byethost.com/paidplans.php for more information!

http://www.byethost.com - Main site
http://www.byet.net - Forums
http://www.instant-forum.net - Free forum hosting!

Email me for more information, if needed. marketing@byet.net