My name is Lee Cupp and a few years ago I started Pyxis Host (pyxishost.com. if you goto this site it is for some ****** thing now ), a web hosting company that was built around support. At that time we had over 100 clients, 8 employees, and 4 servers. I sold Pyxis Host too a friend of mine and he then in turn resold the clients and shut the company down. I am not sore at him nor am I mad. As a matter of fact we are now partners in Pyxis-Host. We are looking forward to re-improve today's web hosting standards once again. With a combined 8 years experiance in the hosting industry we will overcome all the boundaries set fourth in front of us too set an example of how support, quality, low pricing, and security can really be in the same company.

So enough of the boring stuff already huh? :
Here is what Pyxis-Host is offering for all new shared web hosting clients.

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Pyxis-Host Express
250 MB disk storage
10 GB monthly transfer
Only 1.99 with coupon!!!

Pyxis-Host Standard
500 MB disk storage
30 GB monthly transfer
Only 3.99 with coupon!!!

Pyxis-Host Commercial
750 MB disk storage
50 GB monthly transfer
Only 6.99 with coupon!!!

Pyxis-Host Professional
1250 MB disk storage
75 GB monthly transfer
Only 10.99 with coupon!!!

All packages have the features below.
cPanel X
Fantastico w/ over 50 FREE Scripts
UNLIMITED Addon Domains - Host unlimited web sites on one account!!!!
PHP4 and 5, Perl, MySQL
(Please note that the unlimited features are for a limited time only. Once the sale is over the features will revert back to normal)

******** SSL Certificates starting @ only $18.99 w/purchase.********

********Domains from only $7.99********