A SHOUTcast server will allow you to broadcast an internet radio station to people across the globe with almost any media player (Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp...). Your internet radio station can have any number of DJs and as many listener slots as you purchase.

All SHOUTcast servers come with a static IP and dedicated port on a 100mbps SoftLayer server which is being used solely for SHOUTcast hosting, the standard DNAS control panel which allows you to manage DJs and listeners and the Cast-Control control panel which allows you to change settings on your server such as stream URL and name.

For 1.00 per month extra you can add reseller capabilities to your SHOUTcast service, allowing you to create and sell SHOUTcast servers under your own brand.

For a speed test please visit this page.

10 Listeners, 128kbps bitrate
2.50 per month

20 Listeners, 128kbps bitrate
4.50 per month

30 Listeners, 128kbps bitrate
6.50 per month

40 Listeners, 128kbps bitrate
8.50 per month

50 listeners, 128kbps bitrate
10.50 per month

Typical setup is under 1 hour depending on your time zone. Please note that these are shared SHOUTcast servers (several streams on 1 machine) and are not suitable for very large radio stations. For this reason bandwidth is "unmetered" but not "unlimited" (there is no set limit but if your stream should be on a dedicated server it will be removed).

For a custom plan please contact us.