VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA – Netarus, LLC is proud to annouce the much anticipated release of the game server control panel SCInterface® v2.0,which includes many performance and functional enhancements. This release provides significant features including Linux and Windows support, automated game server installers and a new mobile interface for SCInterface. SCInterface for Game Servers is a commercial grade game server control panel for managing multiple types of servers and applications through a web interface.

With the version 2.0 release, we've made it easier than ever to evaluate SCInterface by providing two different options:

  • Download SCInterface ( Download and install the complete commercial version of SCInterface to a compatible Linux server - free download!
  • SCInterface Automated Evaluation ( Install the SC (remote agent) onto any compatible Linux or Windows platform and let SCInterface host the core components (Web UI and SCM) for you.
"In the last 6 months, we have ran the entire SCInterface platform through a rigorous beta program," says Bill Cuffley, SCInterface's lead developer. "Our rigorous quality assurance process makes SCInterface the ideal game server control panel for large data centers and dedicated server resellers that wish to offer game servers to their customers." SCInterface v2.0 includes the following features and enhancements:

  • Automated installation of all of the most popular game servers.
  • Real-time in-game server statistics.
  • Real-time process and CPU statistics to ensure optimal server load.
  • Monitor and Scheduler to schedule restarts or take servers offline automatically.
  • Rcon and direct console access for invoking commands directly on the server.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux platforms.
  • PocketSCI™ - A mobile interface to access SCInterface from any web enabled cell phone, PDA, Blackberry or mobile device.
  • Reseller brandable web interface - create your own brand.
  • And more...
To view a complete list of features in this release, please visit the SCInterface wiki at or the online forums at

"SCInterface can be quickly deployed onto nearly any platform to accomodate the stringent needs of any Game Server Providers (GSPs) and their customers," explains Gary Euske, Business Development for SCInterface. "Users of SCInterface can rest easy knowing that SCInterface is a quality platform that all GSPs can use for their game server customers." To inquire about becoming a reseller and offering SCInterface as a value-added service to your dedicated game server customers, please visit

Along with the release, we have also updated our latest flash tour of SCInterface. The SCIntrface flash tour provides a detailed overview of the architecture, features and capabilities of the web interface with SCInterface v2.0. To view this flash tutorial now, go to

In the Future:

So what's coming in the future for SCInterface v2.0? Look for integration into many of the popular billing systems including ModernBill Billing Software v5.0 ( SCInterface will also be at HostingCon 2007 July 23-25, 2007 at the Navy Pier, Chicago, IL, USA. To learn more about HostingCon, please visit

SCInterface developed by Netarus LLC, is a solutions-oriented, software and interface development firm that creates innovative control solutions. SCInterface consists of a three-tier architecture that allows any game server to be monitored, managed and controlled from anywhere in the world in real time and securely through the World Wide Web. Netarus has spent nearly four years developing this platform to make it the most useful and powerful game server control panel. SCInterface v2.0 is another step towards unifying the world's game servers under a single and easily configurable platform. For those in need of additional assistance with SCInterface to incorporate the platform into their environment, Netarus' Professional Services provides comprehensive support, training and integration services for SCInterface.


SCInterface® is a registered trademark of Netarus, LLC. Netarus is a software design and development company based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and provides a multitude of innovative products and services related to web-based control and management systems. Its flagship product, SCInterface, has been in development since 2003 as a platform that can obtain data from nearly any piece of software or hardware and distribute this information securely over the World Wide Web.

For a detailed list of features and enhancements to SCInterface, please visit the SCInterface forums at More information on Netarus and SCInterface can be found at or