We have 2 different directory submission services:
HostPromoter - Special hosting directory submission service for hosting companies.
WSPromoter - Directory submission services for all websites (except Sites With Adult, Excessive Affiliate & Offensive Content, Gambling & Drug Related Sites).

HostPromoter will list your hosting business MANUALLY in over 100+ hosting directories (including one of your hosting plans) for maximum exposure and accesibility. Additional plans can also be requested for submission at a small extra fee.

What You Get:
* Your hosting business will be listed in 100+ Hosting Directories (around 120).
* You'll have 100+ links to your site from hosting directories which have good SEO Rankings, and are pretty Popular.
* You'll have some free advertising opportunites (4 banner ads + $30 credit) as a Hostpromoter.Net Client at some of the hosting directories. Please visit http://www.hostpromoter.net/bonus.html for details.
* We will send you a report at the end of the submission process with all the login and password details for the hosting directories which require account creation.
* We will also provide screenshots of the submission process for each hosting directory for further reference.

What You Pay:
First let's do some math:
You'll have Free Advertising opportunities worth about $50+.
Let's say you have a hosting plan cost of $2.99/month. Only one client who purchase this plan for a year will cover our fee.

$50 + (12 x $2.99) > Our Special Discount1 Fee.

*Special Discounts Available!
*Economic Package - $50!
*HostPromoter + WebSitePromoter - Hosting Directory Submission (Company + 1 Hosting Plan) + 100 General Directory Submission!
*HostPromoter + WebSitePromoter - Hosting Directory Submission (Company + 1 Hosting Plan) + 500 General Directory Submission!
Please visit http://hostpromoter.net/payment.html for our other packages & pricing details.

Here are some of our clients' opinions:
User on WHT: kris1351
"These guys are top notch and work around the clock to get your stuff done for you."

User on HD: x9master
""We have used their service 2 different time and I have to say they do a great job. I highly recommend them."

User on WHT: Silverlime
""We've used the service and I personally found it very much worth the money. We have hundreds of new links to our site and have received signups because of it. They do a great job and are prompt with their emails."

Please feel free to visit http://www.hostpromoter.net/whychooseus.html for screenshots, testimonials & a short list of our clients and http://www.hostpromoter.net/order.html for ordering details (We accept Paypal). Please do not hesitate to contact us via PM or e-mail if you have any further questions.

You have already listed in most of the hosting directories and want to
- update your details
- add new hosting plans

Contact us via PM or e-mail (sales@hostpromoter.net). We may help you

WebSitePromoter - Get your website submitted to 1000+ Search Engine Friendly Directories!

Directory submission is one of the best well-known internet marketing strategies to start promoting a new site. Having your site listed in directories helps to increase your targeted traffic, as well as boosts your search engine rankings.

We will manually submit your websites to 1500 search engine friendly directories, and you will get:
* additional targeted traffic from hundreds of directories,
* quality backlinks which improves your sites' ranking in search engines,
* a detailed submission report with the list of directories where your site has been submitted
at the end of the submission process.

- 100 Directories $29.95
- 150 Directories $44.95
- 250 Directories $69.95
- 400 Directories $89.95
- 500 Directories $99.95
- Big Deal - Get your website submitted up to 1500 Search Engine Friendly Directories for only $199! More Info
You can find pricing details for multiple websites submission here.

Best Regards,