First of all i would like to thank everyone to make us what we are today. after the HUGE success of our special reseller plan offers ( Start your OWN hosting business TODAY!~ Best CPANEL Reseller deals EVER! ) our team at Devious Hosting is back with a great shared webhosting deal which you just cannot ignore!!


Devious Hosting provides top-notch, affordable, website hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We aim for the highest level of support, reliability and ease of use. By combining powerful, innovative technology and experienced staff, we are able to provide excellent service while maintaining affordability.

No Setup Fees!
We do not have setup fees on any of our SPECIAL RESELLER hosting accounts / Shared Hosting and never will!

Exclusive / Limited time Offers
All Special Webhosting deals below are valid for very limited time (until our servers are full)

we do not oversell our servers to provide maximum performance to all of our clients.

Lightning Fast Servers
All of Servers are Dual Cores with atleast 1GB of ram. A 100MBit connection to the web to ensures you get the fastest possible speeds out of your services!


Why choose us? Because devious Hosting cares about you, the customer. We have an extreme amount of dedication for each and every customer. What would we be without our customers? We do not lie or make false promises. When we say quality, we mean exactly that. When you sign up with us, we will set up your account as soon as possible and from that day on, we will make sure that you have a positive and pleasurable experience with us. we only use the best hardware, in the most secure datacenters in the USA. We also optimise our servers for the highest performance possible. We Guarantee you 99.9% Uptime & 24/7 dedicated support.

Alright, heres the "MEGA APRIL XTREMEVIOUS PLAN" we are talking about:

Storage :: 50,000 MB [50 GBs]
Bandwidth :: 500,000 MB [500 GBs]
MySQL Databases:: Unlimited
POP 3 Email Accounts:: Unlimited
E-Mail Forwarders :: Unlimited
Mailing Lists :: Unlimited
Sub Domains :: Unlimited
FTP Accounts :: Unlimited
Cron Jobs :: Unlimited
Web Based E-Mail :: Yes
CGI, Perl and PHP :: Yes
PHPMyAdmin :: Yes
Web Bases Statistics :: Yes
Password Protection :: Yes
MX Record Changes :: Yes
FrontPage Extensions :: Yes

Monthly Price $6.99 (NA)
Yearly Price: $83.99 (Available)
24 Months Price: $153.99 + TWO MONTHS FREE + 1 Top Level Domain FREE!! (Available)


Our Services are High quality and our powerful servers are located in world class datacenters. our network uptime is 99.9%. our mission is customer satisfaction.


Looking for a custom shared hosting / reseller hosting solution? Have questions or problems? CONTACT US NOW - AVAILABLE 24/7 to answer your queries:

Sales Email: sales@devioushosting.com
Submit a Ticket to Sales Dept.

Note: In next few days we are going to start the telephone support service for clients.

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