Hello Folks,

Looking for a new server? Preferably in Asia or offshore? We have some insane AMD deals going on right now!

*** Please remember to use coupon code: AMD-Deal to get 10$ off every month on any of these servers ***

Current offerings

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
80 GB HDD/Storage
512 MB RAM
1,000 GB Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
119.99 $/Month *Setup fee waived*

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AMD Athlon X2 5200
250 GB or 36 GB SCSI
1024 MB RAM
2,000 GB Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
149.99 $/Month *Setup fee waived*

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AMD Dual Opteron 250
500 GB or 146 GB SCSI
2048 MB RAM
3,000 GB Bandwidth
2 IP Addresses
219.99 $/Month *Setup fee waived*

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512 MB RAM 10$
1024 MB RAM 15$
2048 MB RAM 25$
120 GB HDD/Storage 8$
250 GB HDD/Storage 15$
Additional 1000 GB Bandwidth 25$
Unmetered and Dedicated 10mbps Port 60$
Full Server Management 35$
cPanel + WHM 35$
cPanel + WHM + Fantastico 40$

Please remember that we can create any custom server for your needs at a competitive price, just shoot us an email via helpdesk

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sales


* Our servers are located in Hong Kong, learn more about our DC http://www.hostecon.com/network.htm
* Adults sites are allowed, as long as its legal. Child pornography is dealt with severe actions
* Torrents are allowed without any worries.
* IRC is allowed.
* Only warez linking is allowed, well as of today its not illegal by HK laws. But you may not host any actual files on our servers.
* Spamming is not allowed on our network.
* Paypal is the only current method of accepting payments.
* Test file: http://www.hostecon.com/8mb.test.file.zip
* Test IP: 220-232-130-89 , replace "-" with "."

Site: http://www.hostecon.com

Thanks for your interest.