We started off with a smaller payout, and things went well...now we're more than doubling payout and we have great expectations!

Easily earn $760 with only 10 sales!
How does it add up you ask? Well, we pay you $10 just for signing up for the program, $70/sale, and $50 bonus every 10 sales! All our plans and payment terms qualify for commission! Having an account with us is not required to add this great paycheck to your pocket.

How's it work? - Simple!

  1. Sign up for an affiliate account on our site.
  2. Use the promotional materials in the member’s area to promote our services, or create your own means of pushing referrals. - NEW BANNERS ADDED THANKS TO BANNERSGALORE.NET
  3. Walk to the mail box to pickup your check or withdraw it from paypal.
  4. Real-time Clicks/Commission Stats inside Affiliate Area...
  5. Payments sent on the 15th monthly (90 day hold to prevent fraud.)
  6. $150 Min. Payout (Just 2 sales will get you this!)

Program Details: http://hostaga.com/affiliates.php
Signup Now: http://hostaga.com/affiliates_signup.php
Program Terms: http://hostaga.com/affiliates_terms.php

If you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to direct them to affiliates[at]hostaga.com. We look forward to signing those commission checks for you!